Odoo 15 Development Essentials

Reading a book on Odoo Development

An update on Odoo learning. I'm learning it for my business, companioneducation.com. This post is more for software engineers. The first 5 minutes any one can listen to; while the last five minutes will be more technical.

I'm into Odoo since it's open source and it has may uses. This blog is built with it and I'm focusing on building online learning platforms with it.

I'm not even completed with the first chapter and I think this is a great book for someone to get started with Odoo development. Looking forward to getting through it.

I'm also using a WAV file for this one. Maybe the audio quality will be interesting. I was holding the microphone to try to get it closer to my face. There was a lot of bumps from changing positions so I'll use my stand next time.

I also mentioned Calibre, the ebook reader I'm using on my computer

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