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About Me!

Hi! I call myself Jason. I'm on a journey of self-discovery and growth. I'm 21 years old, not going to college, an aspiring entrepreneur, unoffical vegan powerlifting, free software advocate, and a consistent reader. I'm still trying to figure out what on earth is happening, but I am confident that I will find my place. Here is a great place to learn about me and what I am up to. Here are things I like.


I love writing, but I'm not too good at it yet, so I'm the definition of an amateur writer. Buckle down through some and I'm sure you'll learn something.



I'm sharing what I'm personally working on in my life and sharing my results. Things such as my goals, fitness, and other things that could help you on your journey.


Here are works that directly or indirectly benefit others. Things such as entreprenurial ventures, things I am working on or have worked on in the past, or organization that I am creating or contributing to.

To Do List

Updated: 09/11/17

These are the things I am working on for this site.

Stay tuned to see these done!