Jason Ribble Website



Unfortunately I'm not doing much for the collective. Soon my friends! Honestly, I don't know where I need to be, but I'll help whoever asks for help.

Project Yellow Flag

This is my main project and the most difficult. My objective is to create social harmony through respectful technology. I take a different approach though, so let me know what you think! (It also needs rehosting and a website redo!)

Web Development

This Webiste

I'm working on my skill here, but I want to learn from the ground up. (advice from Derek Siver) If you stick around my writing and web developing skills will definitely improve.

There is a lot more to computing than I thought. I have been using it since I was little, yet only consuming on it. No producing!


Organized Knowledge

I hope those reading this have realized that our reality is based on organized knowledge. All of information I find relavent, important, and impactful to my life, I will be compiling and sharing it as best as possilbe.

Ribble Goal Planning Method

I've creating a method of achiveing goals that has worked for me. I haven't achieve many large goals do to spreading myself thin, but I've come across with some techniques and principles to help others achieve their good-hearted goals.

Personal Nutrient & Fitness

I love health. You think, feel, and do better. We have access to the best foods in America, yet we eat junk because its addictive. I'll be posting my diet, food money budgeting, and work out routine and experience.


I am a fan of hispanic culture. I starting learning Spanish on January 25th, 2017. Listening to people like Benny Lewis and Jonathan Levi has taught me that there isn't much to learning lanugages.


My mother is Czech, so I will be learning the language over time. Honestly, Spanish is going so well this year that I wouldn't be suprised if I could learn Czech too.